LAEats - 7 MUST TRY Sandwiches In Los Angeles

July 13, 2020
Bagel Sandwich



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This week's list hasm meat lovers covered, pescatarian covered, and vegetarians covered, including a homemade pastrami in a very unique sandwich in Culver City, to a Banh Mi in West LA that will be on your go to list. Looking for a great classic meatball sub sandwich? What about a lox and bagel sandwich where the bagels and the lox are both house made? LAeats brings you 7 must try sandwiches are some of the best sandwiches in LA, including classics,and reimagined originals, that feature their own baked ciabatta bread. This list will give you some different places to try across Los Angeles for take out and pick up.
We all love sandwiches, and LAeats has tried quite a few along the way to a 1,000+ curated reviews all over Southern California, old school meets new school with the braised short rib sandwich at this classic Italian deli. Plus a traditional Tuna Melt at an LA Legend, and an Egg Salad sandwich that will have you driving to Echo Park for a Japanese style sandwich that will change how you view and eat Egg Salad.
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West Hollywood & West Los Angeles, CA

Jidori Chicken Vermicelli (Chicken Thigh), Cucumber, Cilantro, Craft Pickles, Mayo on a Toast French Baguette⁣

Beverly Hills, CA⁣
Nate’ N Al⁣

Tuna Melt⁣
On Rye Bread served with coleslaw and french fries Steak Fries⁣

Culver City, CA⁣
Ms Chi Cafe

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--9.4|Food --N/A* -- 9|Environment MR. CHI SANDWICH -- $13.00 #EatsFact ™ Ms Chi Cafe makes a 24-hour pastrami in-house using their priority blend of Chinese spices. At dinner you can order the Scallion Pancakes with a Hazelnut Pesto. . -- Culver City, CA -- Ms Chi Cafe . . FOLLOW @LAeats 570+ Reviews --+-- All 8️⃣--- . . --Tag a friend ---- who’d eat this . . Mr. Chi Sandwich Chinese Spiced Pastrami, Beijing Mustard Vinaigrette . --|⌨️ By: @LAeats . . . CATEGORIES: Chinese Food, Dumpling, Eggplant, Vegan, Culver City, Pastrami, Scallion Pancake, . . *-- Service - Thank you @mschicafe @chfshirley for having LAeats in to try your amazing progressive Chinese American cuisine. You made it great first experience.

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Encino, CA
Domingo’s Italian Deli⁣

Braised short rib caramelized onions & roasted peppers and melted provolone⁣
⁣Available On: Freshly Baked Italian Roll or Stone-Baked Italian Ciabatta (Shown on Ciabatta)⁣

Echo Park, CA

Egg Salad
Egg, Scallion, Mayo, and Dijon on Milk Bread

Woodland Hills CA⁣
Cricca's Italian Deli

Meatball Sub
Meatball & Melted Cheese⁣ w/ house made marinara sauce⁣

#1 NO. 3
Toluca Lake, CA⁣
Hank's a deli of sorts...

No. 3 - Hank’s Gravlax, Scallion Cream Cheese, Capers, Radish, Pickled Onion, Salted Cucumber, Tomato, Dill, Sprouts⁣