LAeats - 7 Must Try Donuts In Los Angeles & Orange County

June 11, 2020
LA Eats Donut
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We have yet to meet someone who doesn't love donuts. LAeats is no exception - so we're sharing 7 'MUST TRY' Donuts in greater LA and Orange County - Do you miss having a fresh hot donut? We do, so let our must try list be your guide on a delicious donut journey.
Be it a classic dozen, or more artisan creations, these places have the ultimate donut to love, and share with family & friends.  Can you try all 7 MUST TRY donuts???? 
Looking for a great donut at any time of the day? We sure are!
We have birthday cake donuts, and buttermilk donuts, those that are specially and many that are classics. One thing they all are is great donuts, and worthy of the 7 Must Try Donuts in Los Angeles. We take you from Santa Monica to The Farmers Market, and beyond.
LAeats brings you the best of classic and new spots in Los Angeles and Orange County. We actually visit and review each place ourselves, without paid sponsorships/endorsements so you can trust the simple and honest reviews for MUSTY TRY items, including everything from Gluten Free donuts in Culver City, to great vegan donuts in West Hollywood.  LAeats is about discovering and sharing the best donuts in and around Los Angeles. Starting with legendary LA donuts in Inglewood, to a classic breakfast spot that has been making donuts for 78 years in the same location.
Please let us know if you've tried some or all of the 7 MUST TRY donuts - be the first one to tag @LAeats and @kroq on Instagram with your donut.

Los Angeles - Fairfax District, CA
Du-Par's Restaurant & Bakery
The Farmers Market

#eatsfact ™ DuPar's pies, donuts, & pastries are all baked daily at their on-site bakery.

Costa Mesa, Del Mar, Torrance, Santa Monica, , CA
Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee
#eatsfact ™ Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee serves a  selection of 7 donuts daily & 3 donuts rotating monthly. One of their signature donuts is their Huckleberry Donut.
Inglewood, CA
Randy's Donuts
#eatsfact ™ Randy’s Donut opened in 1953. Becoming famous for their giant donut sign above their store in Inglewood which has been seen in numerous movies.
West Hollywood, CA
Cha Cha Matcha

Newport Beach, Pasadena, San Diego, CA
Great Maple

Maple Bacon Doughnuts⁣
3 Doughnuts made to order with their signature maple bacon glaze⁣

Los Angeles - Mid-Wilshire, CA

#eatsfact ™ Republique offers their amazing pastries, cakes, pies, & daily staring at 8 am. Everything is worth a must try.
Culver City, CA
Ms Chi Cafe
#eatsfact ™: Ms Chi Cafe offers gluten free Mochi Donuts in 3 flavors; Black Sesame, Chocolate, & Matcha.