Celebrating National Chicken Wing Day at Wing Fest LA 2019

There's only one way to celebrate on this special day, and that's feasting on chicken wings

July 30, 2019
a plate of buffalo wings



There are only a few of those "National Recognition Days" that us every day folk really recognize.  Coincidentally, they all have to do with either food or booze.  And then, even from there we can narrow it down to just a handful. Well, yesterday was one of those special days, National Chicken Wing Day.

My inbox was full of wing deals from every commercial restaurant on the face of the earth, thanks for the multiple emails Hooters, but no thanks.  But one email stood out from the rest of the junk that flooded my inbox, YOU’RE CONFIRMED: See You Tonight at Wing Fest 2019!

Lawrence Longo and the good folks at Off the Menu  curated an exciting and eclectic collection of chicken wings, including the originator, Anchor Bar from New York. Restaraunts 40 Love in collaboration with Slab, Greyhound, Crossroads, Chef Kang Food Rehab, Pizzeria Mozza, Button Mash, Banh Oui and Mr. Chow all showed out to share their iteration of the almighty wing.  Every stand had something a little different; smoked, fried, spicy, sweet, sweet & spicy, stuffed with sticky rice and Chinese sausage and even a vegan option.

Check out the gallery below because words can’t describe these beauties.

40 Love x Slab - Lemon Pepper and BBQ

Pizzeria Mozza - Chicken Wings alla Diavola

Chef Kang Food Rehab - Spicy Soy Garlic & Honey Butter

Crossroads - Buffalo Maitake Mushrooms

Button Mash - Double Fried Sweet & Spicy Wing