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Fatburger Rebrands As Skinnyburger

March 29, 2019

The iconic burger joint, known for their fat burgers, Fatburger, has decided to rebrand itself as Skinnyburger. The new name change comes after they received DM's and comments from customers saying the Skinnyburger was their favorite item on the menu.

The Skinneyburger is a low-carb and healthier, bun-less alternative to their original lean beef burgers.

Many are skeptical that this rebranding is just a publicity stunt. Just about a year ago, IHOP decided to rebrand themselves as the International House of Burgers or IHOB. We'll have to wait and see if this new name becomes permanent.

They also are offering a new merch line. "no, you don't have to wait for hours in line to cop this exclusive merch drop. but you WILL wanna get your hands on these before they're gone forever."

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