The Zero Club Presidential Election

Who should be the President of The Zero Club?

May 20, 2019

The Zero Club Founder and President Kevin Ryder recently ran out of gas on his way to the doctor's office. That led the question to be asked, should he continue to be a member of The Zero Club? We asked members to call in and vote if Kevin should continue to be in The Zero Club. In a 3-2 vote, Kevin was allowed to continue to be a member.

As a member of The Zero Club himself, DJ Omar Khan would not stand for a President who ran out of gas. He is now challenging Kevin for the Presidency of The Zero Club!

@djomarkhan & little Zoe are coming for @thekevinryder’s #TheZeroClub crown!!! --

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So we're leaving it up to you! The voting is open. Who do you want to be the President of THE ZERO CLUB?


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