Kevin & Bean's "That's My Jam" Playlist

May 29, 2018

Hey Party People!

We hear from a lot of listeners about the music we play on air. We have no control over that so we created our own list of songs for you to check out.

Here's a playlist of songs the crew from the show are digging out to at the moment. Some are new songs, some can be songs they just cant get out of their head. Please enjoy! Po Po Zao.

This week's entries:

Kevin: Mike Shinoda "Running from my Shadow (feat. grandson)"

Bean: Well Hung Heart "Obey"

Allie Mac Kay:  Frank Turner "1933"

Dave the King of Mexico: Rufus Du Sol "No Place"

Associate Producer Christine: Fidlar "Alcohol"

Beer Mug: Chvrches "Miracle"

Chip: The Interuppters "She's Kersosene"

Invisible Phone Op Ruben: Andrew W.K. "Music Is Worth Living For"

If there is a song you dig from this playlist and want to hear it on the air, tweet (@kroq), call or text KROQ at 800-520-1067!!