Damon Albarn

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Damon Albarn: Blur Will Rise Again

August 12, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

Fret not, Blur fans.

With frontman Damon Albarn seemingly consumed with all things Gorillaz lately, he recently revealed the band that made him famous is never far from his thoughts.

“A reunion is never not a possibility,” he told The Sun during a recent interview. “I think most definitely at some point we’ll play those songs again. I’d hate to think I’d never play with those musicians again. But it has just got to be the right time.”

Being among the biggest bands of the ‘90s Brit-Pop explosion, Blur will always have a massive fanbase eager to support reunion tours and new album. For Albarn, it’s a tricky balance to maintain.

"You want to feel that people really, really, really want you to do it, otherwise you’re kind of becoming a tribute act to yourself,” he explained. “You destroy everything that you’ve created if you do.

Given the massive and always-rotating cast of characters in the Gorillaz’ vast universe, Albarn has even contemplated merging the two into one

“Some days I really fancy doing a Blur song in the middle of a Gorillaz set,” he admitted. "I’ve never tried it, but I probably shouldn’t.”