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This 'Cup Noodles' Vending Machine Is a Real Thing

February 28, 2019

By Reanna Hilario

The only noods we want are ramen noodles.

Ramen-tics gather round, we have some slurpin' news you might want to hear. A ramen-themed pop-up is opening at the Del Amo fashion mall in Torrance, via DoLA.

Free Nissin Cup Noodles, swag, and video games, this dream is actually a reality! All it takes is a selfie. Who would give this vending machine a try? ?-- @foodbeast

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Cup Noodles teamed up with Foodbeat to create the ultimate ramen lovers dream: a "cup noodles" vending machine called the "Cup Noodles Dream Machine." With the vending machine, you have a chance to win ramen-themed merch. The fun part? It doesn't cost you any money to use the vending machine. All you gotta do is post a picture of you with the Dream Machine on your socials, use the special hashtag provided and boom, welcome to ramen heaven.

I don't know about you, but we're sold on this idea. You can find this amazing machine starting on March 1.