Frank Turner Performs 'Sister Rosetta' + More From His New Album "No Man's Land"

The musician explains the stories and inspirations behind his newest songs

October 30, 2019

Frank Turner's latest release is quite the undertaking: a storytelling album "exploring the stories of 13 women from history". Currently on his website, fans can click through a deck of cards with key art and stories about each subject from the album, ranging from women like Christa MacAuliffe, a school teacher who died on board the Challenger Space Shuttle, to his very own mother, Rosemary Jane. 

When Turner stopped by the KROQ studio this week, he performed three songs with three distinct stories off of the album "No Man's Land". Above, you can hear him perform 'Sister Rosetta', a tribue to Rosetta Tharpe, one of the most influential women in music often credited with creating rock and roll. 

'Jinny Bingham's Ghost' tells the story of Jinny Bingham, a woman from Turner's hometown of Camden who was accused of being a witch throughout her lifetime. 

On 'The Lioness', we hear the story of Huda Sha'arawi, founder of the Arab Feminist Union and women's rights pioneer.