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Billy Idol Shouts Out Post Malone: "He's Got Tons of Hooks in His Songs"

Idol is listening to a lot of hip-hop of late, shouting out Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone as current favorites.

October 5, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

For a legendary legacy artist like Billy Idol, it would be easy to just coast on your past success.

From seminal punk band Generation X to his superstar solo career, Idol has No. 1 hits, indelible rock and roll classics and even a memorable scene-stealing turn in Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer to his credit.

Instead, the timeless and seemingly tireless rocker continues to take musical risks, tour relentlessly and still somehow be the hottest looking guy in almost every room.

“We seem to be in fine form. Steve Stevens is playing better than ever, so I’m really enjoying it,” the singer said of his ongoing success, which finds him in the desert this weekend for the Foo Fighter’s Cal Jam 2018 festival. “The audiences, we get a smorgasbord of ages. It’s fun. I’ve got a killer band. Every time we’re up there, it’s like I’m driving this incredible sports car. The feeling of energy is beautiful. It’s also great exercise.”

Idol will take on a residency in Vegas next year, with 10 dates spread across the months of January and October. The rocker is setting up shop at the Palms to roll out a show that will appeal to casual and hardcore fans alike.

“If you’re a first time fan, you’ll get the big hits, but if you’ve come before, you’ll get some deep cuts that you’ve always wanted to hear but couldn’t imagine us doing, so that’s the fun of doing it,” the singer promised.

Just last month, Idol dropped Vital Idol: Revitalized, an update on his 1985 remix album that finds a new slate of DJs and producers reworking the singer’s greatest hits.

“I got pointers from people like Moby, Bono from U2 and my own son,” he said of the release. “My son is in that whole world. He makes his own EDM and everything. I know Paul Oakenfold. He did ‘One Breath Away’ on the album. It was great to have people like Crystal Method. Some real classics.”

Idol is listening to a lot of hip-hop of late, shouting out Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone as current favorites.

“I don’t always find things that I like, and I like that Post Malone record, Beer Bongs and Bentleys. He’s got tons of hooks on his songs,” he shared, “It’s interesting—it’s almost a different way of having melodies than we did. We had very obvious melodies. They’re a little bit more subtle today.”

Considering Idol’s notoriously hard-partying lifestyle until he finally turned his life around and got sober, everyone on The Kevin and Bean Show was astonished at just how stinkin’ beautiful Billy Idol still is in 2018, despite being 62 years old.

Photo: Tanner Grant

“That’s one thing about being a singer. You do have to rely on your body. Your body is your instrument, really. So you have to sort of put back in,” he explained. “For many years, I took out. But I was always kind of putting back in. I made exercise a big part of my life. I would come home sometimes from partying and still be on a treadmill. My trainer would be saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re awake, let alone running on a treadmill.’ I was going, ‘I’ve got to do it. It’s the bargain I made with myself,’” he added, chuckling. “It gave me some discipline. I had to put back in. That’s helped a lot.”

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