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Billie Eilish Talks About Her Relationship with Fans and Her Past Love of Justin Bieber

Eilish stopped by The Kevin & Bean Show ahead of her sold out Fonda Shows

November 20, 2018

Los Angeles local Billie Eilish stopped by The Kevin & Bean Show this morning to talk about her 3 upcoming sold out shows at the Fonda Theatre, being added to KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas, and her first love - Justin Bieber.

After being on the road, Eilish is happy to be home and sleeping in her own bed. She's also stoked on getting to see her friends, but what you may not know is that touring is very much a family affair. "I travel with my mom and my dad. My brother, he performs with me and we write everything together, and he produces my stuff. It's a whole family event - and that's our whole family so it's not like anybody is left out," says Eilish.

Even though Eilish is from LA, the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas was never on her radar. "Somebody like a week ago was like 'Can you do liners?' and I was like 'Sure.' I do that a lot. I say 'Hey this is Billie Eilish and I'm super excited to do this thing I didn't even know I was going to do," Eilish laughs. "So it says, 'Billie Eilish, super excited to play Almost Acoustic Christmas,' and I was like 'What the f**k is that?' And I still don't know what it is. But I'm hyped though." 

Bean also mentioned the connection Eilish has with her fans. "It's so much love. Honestly, and I talk about it a lot, I just feel like I want to be as reachable as I can for them, as equal, because nobody is on a higher pedestal. I'm not higher than they are. They're not higher than I am. We're all the same level. And we're all the same age. That's what's so real about it. Even the idea of paid meet and greets - I don't like that idea because that automatically puts me at a different level and I don't want that," says Eilish.

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Bean then asked who Eilish feels about the way her fans feel about her, for instance someone she would wait outside a venue to meet. "See here's the thing - Justin Bieber - obviously. But anybody could say that, right? I feel like everybody had a Justin Bieber phase when they were like 12. When I say that it doesn't sound as serious as it really was, and my mom is in the room and can literally vouch for it, which is that when I was like 12, I was not a fan of him. That was like my first love. That was the person I was in love with, in my head he was in love with me, it was like a relationship with a person," says Eilish. "It wasn't like a weird thing at the time, it was like a longing. I would cry all the time just because he didn't know I existed."

Eilish then showed a video of her when she was 12 years old talking about being worried that when she gets a boyfriend, she won't want to be with him because she actually loves Justin Bieber. 

"I said I can't handle that. And you know what? I was f**king right! I literally remember sobbing into a pillow because I thought, 'I'm never going to feel this way about anyone.' I literally was terrified when I got a boyfriend when I was older, that he won't compare. I would just love Justin Bieber more and it wouldn't be fair."

Billie Eilish is performing 3 sold out shows at the Fonda Theatre November 20, 21 & 23, as well as night 2 of the KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas alongside Florence + The Machine, Death Cab For Cutie, Bastille and more. Purchase tickets to KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas 2018 here.