Alternalido's Anthony Valdez Shares His Top 3 TV Recommendations

May 14, 2020
man watching TV

Anthony Valadez, host of KROQ's new show - ALTERNALIDO - Sunday nights from 8-10PM, shared his top 3 shows he's hooked on right now:

  • Kingdom (Netflix) is a Korean thriller that involves an amazing zombie apocalypse during the late 1500’s and is amazing! Storytelling at its finest and shot so beautifully.  
  • Oh, No Jerome (FX) is about a single guy trying to find love and wears his heart on his sleeve. Sometimes it’s a bit surreal but so is finding love in 2020. 
  • Dave (FX) is easily one of my favorite shows at the moment. Little Dicky takes us through the real life trials and tribulations of seeking a record deal and “keeping it real”.