Totally Offsides

Chip from the Kevin & Bean Show finally gets to let loose and talk hockey, as
well as other somewhat, sort of tangentially hockey-related topics with her
hockey-loving friends. (Oh, there might also be discussions about hockey.)
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Stryker's Tales

KROQ DJ and television host Stryker sits down for in-depth interviews with
people from all parts of entertainment, including bands, DJs, promoters,
poker players, and comedians. The big question Stryker has is: "How did you
get to this point in your career?"
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Seven Day Warrior with Rich Rubin

KROQ's Rich Rubin delves into the world of triathlon, marathon, ironman, and
ultra-racing. Conversations with guests and experts will focus on local
races, training, diet/nutrition/supplements, how to get to the next level,
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