Photo: Brad Elterman

MGMT Throwback to the Big '80s with New Song 'Me and Michael'

February 7, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

Big hair, black eyeliner, dramatic "interpretive" dancing—MGMT have got the throwback '80s new wave vibe on lock. The dynamic duo have revealed "Me and Michael," the latest track from the upcoming album, Little Dark Age, which is due to debut this Friday (Feb. 9).  

The jaunty new tune channels that classic big '80s new wave sound, thick with swirling synthesizers, electronic drums and moody vocal melodies. The track comes with an appropriately surrealistic music video that chronicles stealing the new song from real Filipino band, Truefaith, and turning it into a worldwide hit before being found out for the crime. That's when things get really weird. Not only is Truefaith an actual band, they recorded their own version of "Me and Michael" titled "Ako at si Michael." The accompanying music video ties in with the MGMT version.

Watch both music videos below.