Chester and Talinda Bennington


Talinda Bennington Calls The Kevin & Bean Show

January 31, 2018

Talinda Bennington, the wife of the late Chester Bennington, called into The Kevin & Bean Show to update us on how her family is doing, the support of Linkin Park fans, and more.

"Linkin Park fans are amazing. I refer to them as family. I started a little movement on Twitter addressing them after Chester passed away because I was receiving Tweet after Tweet about they don't know where to go on and didn't know what to do and that broke my heart because I know Chester would never have wanted to leave anybody in that way," says Bennington.

"They give me the strength," continues Bennington. "They make his death have some sort of meaning to it in a world full of chaos and nonsensical things happening, this makes sense. This has order to it. It's healing for my children as well."

Talinda Bennington has partnered up with ChangeDirection to create a 320 ChangeDirection to help "change the mental health culture in our landscape."

Bennington wrapped things up by saying "the goal of my call today was just to say hi and reach out and let you know that we're doing okay. We're getting through it and your support is appreciated. It doesn't fall on deaf ears."