Chevy Bolt EV is Putting the Squeeze on Tesla

December 26, 2017
You didn't think Chevy was just going to allow Tesla to sell more electric cars, did you? According to the folks at GM, there were 2,987 Bolt EVs sold in November 2017 making it America's best-selling all-electric car. According to insiders, the manufacturer is selling as many as they can make, which seems to be hovering around 3,000 per month and demand is exceeding availability in many areas of the country. If you're asking why? It's really pretty simple. Chevy built a lower priced electric vehicle that will travel farther on a charge. According to the EPA's estimates, the Bolt EV will travel 238 miles while the soon-to-be-released Tesla model 3 is said to come in at 220 miles with a standard battery, although you can buy a +100 mile extended range battery for an extra $1200. Now, to be fair, the Model 3 isn't available at the moment. But the Chevy Bolt EV is and it's worth checking out if you commute on any kind of a regular basis. It's compact size and roomy interior (seats 5!) is great for those who find themselves in the parking garages in and around LA, or frankly, or any Trader Joes' lot where parking a standard sedan can be challenging. At 164" long and 59" wide, the only spots you'll have trouble getting into are the ones reserved for motorcycles. Named the 2017 North American car of the year, not only does the Bolt EV pack a punch for such a small package but the 5 year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty gives any early adopter peace of mind makes the decision to buy one even easier.