Foo Fighters Pay Tribute to Malcolm Young with AC/DC Cover

November 20, 2017
By Hayden Wright As tributes pour in for the late AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, Dave Grohl wrote a heartfelt Instagram tribute before playing "Let There Be Rock" live in concert. Young passed away Saturday at age 64, following a years-long battle with dementia. In his note, Grohl recalled seeing Let There Be Rock in theaters in 1980. Related: Artists Pay Tribute to AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young "37 years ago, my friend Larry Hinkle and I went to see a midnight movie on a Friday night at the Uptown Theater in Washington, D.C." he wrote. "It was 1980. We were 11 years old. The movie was Let There Be Rock, and it changed my life." "That film, a live AC/DC performance from Paris, 1979 is everything that live rock and roll should be – sweaty, loose, loud," Grohl continued. "A relentless performance from the perfect band. It was the first time I lost control to music, the first time I wanted to be in a band. I didn’t want to play my guitar anymore, I wanted to smash it." Foo Fighters performed "Let There Be Rock" at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico. See the post below and watch the tribute here.

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