Bring Me the Horizon's Oli Sykes Discusses Chester Bennington's Influence

November 6, 2017
Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes discussed the profound influence Linkin Park's Chester Bennington had on him in a new interview. Related: Linkin Park Debut ‘Looking for an Answer’ in Chester Bennington’s Memory "When I heard the news he had died I was in Los Angeles, not too far away from where it happened. At first I didn’t believe it, to be honest,” Sykes told Kerrang. "When it was clear it was real, I felt weird. I know we’ve lost a lot of great artists over the years, but no-one had the impact and influence on my life that he did. Him as a vocalist and his band are genuinely responsible for the path I chose in life. Losing someone that you don’t actually know – obviously I met him, but I couldn’t call him a friend – is such a strange feeling. I feel like I miss his presence, even though I didn’t really know him. I think it’s important that you grieve and appreciate what you and we’ve all lost." The singer when on to detail how Bennington's vocal style influenced him as a performer. "Chester’s voice was a huge inspiration, too. He was someone I looked up to. He was the benchmark, because I don’t think anyone sounds like him. He was such an iconic and unique singer. I don’t think anyone sounded like him before, and I don’t think anyone will ever again. That mix of melody, Oli Sykes Discusses Chester Bennington's Influence/Inspiration catchiness and aggression is something I wanted to aim for myself." Sykes was one of many artists who took part in a tribute concert for Bennington late last month in southern California.