November 5, 2017
We all hate sitting in traffic. In large metropolitan areas, commuters spend over 40 hours stuck in traffic each year (Source: U.S. Department of Transportation). It’s 2017, there has to be a better way to get from point A to point B. So many of us deal with overpriced parking, stressful commutes, and paying crazy surge prices for Lyft and Uber. It almost feels as though walking to work would be more efficient if it didn't mean showing up to work with pit stains. Stop racking your brain for alternatives & upgrade your commute with URB-E. URB-E is the award-winning and #1 rated personal transportation solution. It’s all electric, compact, lightweight, foldable, Metro approved, and can charge all your devices, including your laptop! Hell, it even turns into a shopping cart. No need wasting time looking for parking. Bring the URB-E inside with you! It fits under your desk at work or school and you can charge it in any wall outlet. URB-E goes where you go. URB-E makes your life easier, it’s your ride or die. If you’re skeptical, see what the city of Los Angeles has to say about URB-E. Even Mayor Garcetti is buzzin’ about it in his LA Original Campaign highlighting game-changing LA-based brands. Stop by one of their LA locations for a test ride and see for yourself! Personalize your new best friend on urb-e.com or to find out about financing options starting as low as $30 a month. Why rush, when you can ride? Join the URB-E revolution! Check us out on: Facebook: @URBErides Instagram: @urberides Twitter: @urberides Youtube: URB-E