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[Top 10] Omar Intros of 2014

Whenever we do a new game or segment on The Kevin & Bean Show, it needs a new intro. Unfortunately, we have to turn to D-d-d-d-d-DJ Omar Khan to make those intros in his beat laboratory. In his defense, a lot of the titles and concepts we come up with for these breaks are shoddy at best, so he does the best with what he’s given…but c’mon.

“The more over the top it is, the more funnier it is… I just make quality gold, guys.”

These are the ten best [or worst] production pieces Omar has concocted in 2014.

10. “Ask A Lawyer”: Omar’s “quality” parody of Avicii’s “Hey Brother”.

9. “A Slice of Nice Mice”: A classic example of a nonsense concept we give Omar to work with. Ralph came up with the title and because it was so terrible, demanded it be the name of the game.

8. “This is WonderCon…test”: A parody of Oasis’ “Wonderwall”, Bean compliments Omar on his “powerful” singing.

7. “It Takes Two”: Omar’s rapping is about as good as his singing. This intro was for a game for Weenie Roast second row tickets, and because DJ EZ Rock had just passed away, “It Takes Two” was at the top of his head.

6. “Real Boy Fake Boy”: Omar got his funk on in this intro for an Almost Acoustic Christmas game where we made listeners decipher between real Fallout Boy song titles and fake ones.

5. Riff It: In a giveaway for Breakfast with Jack White, we had listeners identify White’s famous guitar riffs. Unfortunately, first you had to hear Omar’s parody of “Push It” by Salt N Pepa.

4. The Real Lisa Shady: A game where we made Lisa rap Eminem lyrics. Omar magic + Lisa spittin’ rhymes= STANDING O!

3. Laugharoke: You know what’s worse than Omar intros? Omar doing impressions of famous laughs. That’s what this game for April Foolishness tickets was about. And Omar said this Iggy Azalea parody was a classic example of something that sounded awesome in his head, but turned out…not so much.

2. Welcome To The OC, Bitch: To get Anaheim Ducks playoff tickets, we had listeners answers trivia questions about Orange County. Omar said a lot of cocaine went into the making of this game intro. Axl Rose, he is not.

1. Omar’s Internet Roundup Theme: We had been kicking around the idea of changing up the Internet Roundup Theme, and when Omar came back from vacation, he discovered Beer Mug had come up with an awful rap one. So Omar blew it out of the water with a strong “Word Up” parody.

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