[Top 10] Best Sound Bites of 2014


Audio clips are something we use heavily on the Kevin & Bean Show, and sound bites are the funny little drops that are played throughout the show.  Please enjoy our favorite new sound bites that were in rotation in 2014.

10. Body Fall sound effect: On the FIRST day back in January 2014, Bean told us a story about him fainting, falling on a radiator, and breaking 3 ribs while on Christmas vacation (Of course, he’s NOT accident prone). This sound bite ended up being very useful in our last week of 2014 as well, after Almost Acoustic Christmas.

9. Rodney Bingenheimer “Ahhhhh”: It’s safe to say that Rodney (alright) has as much presence on the morning show as anyone actually on the show. We’re not sure of the context of this audio, and frankly, we’re afraid to know. But it’s just too good.

8. “That’s GREAT Goddamn Radio!”: We’re not sure who left this AFRO message, but we thank you. And it could’ve been referencing any 100,000 things that we did this year.

7. “…And the Terrorists…Situations”: Kevin DOMINATES our annual “Moments With” countdown, and here he is with the crossover to the Sound Bite list. Well done, Kevin.

6. Hanging up on Bono, Brooke Shields, and Paul McCartney: We couldn’t decide which one was best, so all three get the nod here.

5. “Two Eyeballs”: This past October, we asked for listeners to submit their own songs for us to check out, and this one was the runaway hit. In fact, we loved it so much, we forgot to play in on Halloween. We struggle.

4. “Royals” Played on Trombone: The guys forever get a kick out of playing nonsense whenever Ralph asks for a sound clip during his Showbiz Beat, and this audio of a guy playing this Lorde hit on trombone to a bunch of cows was Bean’s favorite go-to.

3. “Sounds Great!”: Kat Corbett did some Mercedes commercials with her mom this year, and how could you not fall in love with that voice?

2. “Ebola!”: Ebola was the disease of 2014, and this song was just as contagious. Don’t eat the meat.

1. “And He’s Got A Wooden Hand…”: Kevin shared with us some very useful information about Billy Dee Williams, oh wait, Carl Weathers in “Happy Gilmore”.

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