KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas: Tickets are SOLD OUT. Thanks for supporting Para Los NiƱos and the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center! Enter to win tickets HERE.
Kevin & Bean Podcast-Wednesday, October 11th: The Hollywood Reporter's Matt Belloni, Scariest Movie Moments & Wheel O' Bad Animal VoicesScariest Movie Moments, The Hollywood Reporter's Matt Belloni, Bizarre Beauty Trends, Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices and more.
Sam The Armenian Comedian's Holiday SongsSam The Armenian Comedian (Samta Clause) performs a couple of Christmas songs that EVERYONE can enjoy!
Sam The Armenian Comedian Wants You To Support Your Area Code: Vote NowWatch a special PSA from Sam The Armenian Comedian encouraging you to vote for your area code in the Los Angeles Area Code War!
Enjoy Some New Halloween Classics Courtesy of the Armenian ComedianWith the gaping hole that is new Halloween music clearly apparent, Kevin & Bean have been trying to fill the void by soliciting for listeners to send in their new spooky classics.
Throwback Thursday: Sam 'The Armenian Comedian' Smokes SalviaWatch as Sam takes a journey down the rabbit hole when he smokes salvia for the first time, taking crazy to a whole new level. You have been warned.
Throwback Thursday: Sam The Armenian Comedian At April Foolishness 2013Watch Sam's comedic "genius" in full force, and then never speak of it again.
DJ Omar Khan Presents: The Armenian Comedian Podcast #2DJ Omar Khan brings you the second installment of the Sam the Armenian Comedian Podcast. In this episode, Sam shows his skills at prank calling, beat boxing and of course, balloon animals!
The Armenian Comedian Podcast Is Finally HereEvery so often we have Sam the Armenian Comedian on air. But we never have enough time to get the full magic of Sam. Leave it up to DJ Omar Khan, who is the "Sam whisperer" to bring out his full potential. All for you! Please enjoy!!
Sam "The Armenian Comedian" Recaps His April Foolishness SetSam "The Armenian Comedian" recaps how his set at April Foolishness went, and defends his choice of material.
Video: Sam The Armenian Comedian Greets Fans With Jokes Before April FoolishnessWatch Sam The Armenian greet arriving fans with jokes before Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness 2013 at the Gibson Amphitheatre.
Photos: Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness 2013Photos from Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness 2013 with Jay Mohr, Bill Burr, Doug Benson, Rob Delaney, Ari Shaffir, Brad Williams and Sam The Armenian Comedian.
K&B Podcast Wednesday July 25th: Adam Carolla, Sam "The Armenian Comedian" + MoreAdam Carolla, Armenian Comedian, Motorcycle High Speed Chases, Joseph Maddalena, C-Span prank calls, Michael Haaren and more.

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