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Lightning’s Garage

Bentley Enters The Luxury SUV Market, Releases New Images

Bentley releases new image of the vehicle they think will redefine the meaning of luxury SUV


Ferrari Land Set To Open In 2016

When it comes to iconic super cars, it doesn’t get much bigger than Ferrari. Need Proof? Ferrari Land will open in 2016


Check Out This Street-Legal Replica Tumbler From The ‘Batman’ Trilogy

One of the coolest things to come out of Chris Nolan’s reboot of Batman was the Tumbler, The Dark Knight’s tank like answer to the Batmobile. 5 Lucky people can now own a street-legal replica for only $1 million.


Lamborghini Introduces Its $4 Million Supercar, The Veneno

When you think of a supercar, what comes to mind? Ferrari? McLaren? Bugatti? After seeing the Veneno, from now on the only name you should think of is Lamborghini. Let’s get the numbers out of […]


Introducing The World’s Fastest Hybrid, The McLaren P1 [Lightning’s Garage]

McLaren has always been about no holds barred performance. Back in 1995, when the F1 was introduced, with its scorching 3.2 second 0–60 and top speed of 240 mph, it was at the time the […]


Supercross Storms Into Town With Earth-Shattering Soundtrack

After just two weeks of riding the newly redesigned track, professional riders in the 2013 Supercross series are already settling into the groove, literally. For the past few years Feld Motorsports, producer of the multi-city […]


Win Monster Jam Tickets For Anaheim Stadium January 26

Just judging by the enormous number of friends who’d posted photos of their families from Saturday night’s Monster Jam at Anaheim Stadium, it was a complete blast. I think it was the first one I’d […]


Isle Of Man TT: Why Do These Men Risk Their Lives?

A reporter from Al Jazeera did an incredibly interesting video piece on the Isle Of Man TT, the most dangerous motorsport in the world.


Casa Customs Honda Shadow Built Pt 5 – Presenting The Mudsprings Moonshine Bike

See what the crafty hands of Eric Justesen and Casa Customs can do to an otherwise unbelievably boring Honda Shadow.


Supercross Is The Greatest Motorsport Of All. Win Tickets To January 5th Anaheim Opener

* After watching the 2013 season trailer above, I can’t help but get swept away with excitement. The best motorcross racers the world has ever known will go bar to bar on January 5th. Born […]


Roland Sands On The International Motorcycle Show, “It’s A Great Place To Check Out All The New Stuff!”

Award-winning motorcycle racer and renowned custom bike builder Roland Sands shares his passion for bikes and talks hypes us on this weekend’s International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach.


A Commercial For Mercesdes SLS. Doesn’t The Car Sell Itself?

Mercedes-Benz aims to hit home ‘desire’ as being the one main uncontrollable urge that drives fans to lust after the SLS AMG. But if that’s true, and we’ve already seen the car in magazines and […]


Casa Customs Honda Shadow Build Pt 3

Now that the Honda Shadow is torn down to the bare essentials, it’s time for Eric to craft some custom made handlebars.


2012 NHRA Auto Club Finals: An Amazing Day In Pomona

We missed you out at NHRA in Pomona this weekend. But to be honest, it’s probably good that you didn’t come. It was jam packed. The reserved stands were fill to the top. What an […]


Casa Customs Honda Shadow Build Pt 2

Eric’s intent for this particular bike build would be something “more radical” than his previous customs. What he’d planned, he wouldn’t say.


Casa Customs Honda Shadow Build Pt 1

For months I’d been seeing crazy customized Hondas at the Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet but I never knew how they belonged to. It seemed like each month there was a new one and despite […]


NHRA Full Throttle Winternationals, Next Weekend’s Must-See Motorsports Event

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend far more than my fare share of motorsports events and I have to say, the NHRA Full Throttle Winternationals at the Auto Club Raceway in Pomona is one of […]


Never Get A Red Light Camera Ticket Again… Hopefully

As car fans, we know the only thing worse than getting your car stolen, is getting a BS traffic ticket.  Even worse, is when it’s a BS traffic ticket from a camera.  That’s like the […]


Feel The Adrenaline: 2013 Monster Energy Supercross Tickets Now On Sale

Considered second only to NASCAR, Supercross is revered as one of the most popular motorsports in America. Tickets are now on sale for the 2013 season!


Can This Rat Rod Beat A Lamborghini Aventador?

The auto industry is full of side by side comparisons. Ford vs. Chevy, Honda vs. Toyota, BMW vs. Mercedes, but can you compare a Lamborghini Aventador to a 1930 Model A Rat Rod?  The answer […]


Kat’s Got A New Ride (Mercedes-Benz C-250 Coupe) And This Thing Is Sweet!

While the rest of the KROQ staff rolled into work last week in our beat up rides, Kat Corbett dropped jaws as she cruised up in her brand new 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-250 Coupe! We officially […]


Watch Ken Block Tear Up The Streets Of San Francisco In Gymkhana 5

Rally Car driver Ken Block is back at it again with the 5th installment of his Gymkhana web videos.


Project BMW X5 Step 8 – Savini Forged Wheels, Blacked Out Windows

Savini 22″ custom SM-7 Mono Block Forged Wheels As they say, once you go black you never go back. So, I went way dark on this sucker. Although hard to tell from this early evening […]


Project BMW X5 Step 7 – Near Completion!

Well kiddies, it’s almost done! Wheels, tires, interior and exterior paint, audio/video system, exhaust, headlights, tail lights… In a short time we’ve taken a 2001 BMW that sells for around $10k and for another $7k, made […]


Project BMW X5: Step 6 – Lexani Wheels And Tires

After departing Alpine fresh with 140db of crisp clean sound, I headed out to the 951 to meet Carlos at Lexani Wheels. Carlos runs Lexani Lifestyle Group. Lexani has grown far beyond just making automotive wheels. After over a decade […]


Project BMW X5: Step 5 – Alpine Audio/Video/Navigation

So, after pulling out of European Auto Sports in Santa Ana (Step 4), I have to say that I was pumped. The headlights and steering wheel added so much, literally giving the car an instant […]


Project BMW X5: Step 4 – Headlights And Steering Wheel

Next on the to-do list is getting lights and a new steering wheel. Because there are a myriad of places to get BMW parts, I called my trusty source, Leigh at Irvine BMW. He’s the […]


Project BMW X5: Step 3 – Suspension

As Joe from Wetworks Garage is busy painting the body parts, I loaded the X5 onto trailer and hauled it up to Corona to see my friends at Eibach. I would have liked to have just driven […]


Project BMW X5: Step 2 – Disassembly And Paint

I felt like it was a drug deal… The classic drop-off. Except that I didn’t get anything in return… At least not yet. I just gave Joe my car. Back in Step 1 of Project BMW X5, […]


Project BMW X5: Step 1 – The Purchase

So, I’m as broke as you are. Radio has taken a big sh*t in the revenue dept in the past year just like every other industry. So, that’s why I’m embarking on a new project vehicle… I’m […]


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