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Rudy Cisneros (aka Psycho Mike) Weighs In On Miss Double D-cember Finalists

One of KROQ’s favorite guests – whether making an appearance on The Kevin & Bean Show or late night with Loveline – is Rudy Cisneros, one of Psycho Mike’s alter-egos.

Rudy’s latest cameo was this past Friday at Kevin & Bean’s Miss Double D-cember 2013 Pageant, where he was asked to join Kevin, Ralph, Lisa, Omar, Chip and Dave on stage before the top 3 finalists were announced to share his thoughts on the ladies of the pageant. Let’s just say Rudy wasn’t too happy about the choices and had a few select words to share with them: “There’s a bunch of problems with every one of them putas.”

One listener was so appalled with Rudy that she even sent an email to KROQ staff, expressing her concerns with our choice of  guests.

“There have been many moments of risque talk throughout the years that I enjoyed listening to and never felt embarrassed, weird, or offended. However today I felt all that this morning. I was appalled at a guy brought up to be interviewed prior to announcing the winner of the Double December pageant. I couldn’t believe I was listening to KROQ as the guy (I believe his name was Rudy) was consistently crossing the line with his awful comments on the women in the pageant as well as women in general.”

The listener continues, disgusted even more by Rudy’s behavior.

“…do a quick pre-interview on people you plan to interview and make sure they’re not high on some illegal drug stimulant as that’s what it sounded like. Amongst the highlights I heard: the guy  talk about his drugged up cousin slamming a pencil in a dogs eye, graphic sexual slang and what he’d do to the women in the pageant and he even asked the audience if anyone had drugs!!”

Oh Rudy… we expect nothing less from you.

Psycho Mike aka "Rudy Cisneros" At MIss DD 2013

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