How to Stream KROQ-HD2 ‘Roq Of The 80s’

If you were to walk into Best Buy and purchase an HD Radio, you’d be able to tune into 106.7-FM just like you always do. But what you’d also find is 106.7 #2! Yes, there are two KROQ’s! You see HD Radio is digital and offers broadcasters multiple channels. KROQ #2 is Roq Of The 80’s and you can hear it right now.


Most new cars are offering HD Radios as options. It’s cool because as soon as you turn on the radio, you have twice the channels and since it’s FM it’s all FREE! Jack FM, AMP Radio, K-Earth and nearly every station in LA offers two or more channels.

What’s more, it’s near-CD quality. You think you can hear Bean’s deviated septum now, wait till you hear it in HD!

How does it work?

HD Radio™ Technology products work the same way as conventional radio with a signal broadcast by a stations and received by consumers in the Los Angeles area. Listeners simply tune to their favorite stations and, if available, the radio picks up the digital signal automatically. Now enjoy all that HD Radio™ Technology has to offer including all those new HD2/HD3 channels.

Already have HD Radio™?

Click here to see a tour of the HD Radio™ in your vehicle.


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