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  1. Nick says:

    Wow.. Miss Double D… you take my breath away…… BOOBS! ^.^ ha ha

  2. RichinBrea says:

    I am going to miss you. Great to look at and actually entertaining when your on the air.

  3. Jefe says:

    Damn it..MY keys on my keyboard are all stuctjk together!!

  4. Scotty says:

    Mm Mm Mmmmm! How gorgeous is this little lady. Well done 2011! Best Miss Double D-cember EVER!!! So hot and sexy. Beautiful eyes, luscious cones, fineass trunk. Trim and fit. What a complete package! Plus she’s done more pic poses and exclusives for KROQ then I’ve ever seen a Miss Double D do. You will be surely missed foxy girlee! Muah! You did KROQ and KROQ’ers proud! “Are you kidding! Show him what he’s missing, let ’em pop player!” -Max Black. Wish you nothin’ but the best for success for the future Pimpette!

  5. Davey says:

    all i gotta say is good luck topping that miss double D-cember 2012

  6. Hal says:

    Talk about takin my breath away, D#$M! I didn’t know they made em like that, but I’m sure happy they did.

  7. joej says:

    OMG. She deserves a modeling career ANYWHERE she desires! Unbelievably hot. W.O.W.

  8. bobert says:

    Fake Plastic filled boobs = not attractive

    Ill go for a real woman thanks

    1. john1982dog says:

      Real- fake whats bobert talkin about , we are all just people, does he have a filling in his teeth he s fake she s F n hot and I thank her for her beauty and time as Mrs double december . Ring in the new year and the new Mrs double D he must be leanin towards the little boy look.

    2. bobert says:

      wow john “dog” (how appropriate)
      maybe if you stopped jacking off to her picture long enough to let the blood flow back to your tiny brain you’d see her for the plastic tramp she is.

      what the F do teeth fillings have to do with anything?

      and no i dont lean towards the “little boy look”
      i can appreciate all kinds of gals but unlike pigs like you i dont measure a woman’s womanliness by the size of her t*ts,
      especially when they arent even real.

      naturality is beautiful, this girl isnt natural

      she’d be a million times more attractive if she was secure enough to rock the body she was born with instead of tanning her skin to orange or damaging it with the sun and filling her breasts with plastic to make herself look how she thinks she should for shallow creeps like you.
      your username should surely be “john1982PIG” instead.

      1. A.L. says:

        Hey Bob, maybe you should you consider the fact that you can’t go for a real woman.
        You do have a filling in your teeth, you spineless degenerate.

        Christine’s nice. She’s polite, respectful, and she’s attractive. Nowadays there are barely any women well-endowed that are actually nice, and I’d choose her over a natural woman who has no manners.

        Quit bitching, son. And change YOUR username to “Bobert the Natural Outcast.”

        Umad, bro?

      2. bobert says:

        nah A.L. i aint even mad bro…

        With all the weightless insults you spewed at a stranger to defend some bimbo you’re getting off to pictures of I’d say it’s YOU who’s mad 😉

        go ahead and keep telling yourself you dont have a girl because “there arent any endowed ones who are nice” LOL whatever it takes to justify the obvious fact that you’re a douche bag….. whatever it takes

        also hilarious that you’re attacking someone for their opinion
        complaining about it and then call their opinion bitching
        are you doing that to be ironic or do you just not understand the meaning of hypocracy
        judging by the fact that you like your girls fake, well mannered and dumb i’d say its the latter.

      3. A.L. says:

        You don’t understand smoke about it, son. I’m defending a person that Kevin and bean enjoyed. Problem?

        Oh, and she’s pretty intelligent, seeing as she knows not to flaunt what she’s got.
        It’s also funny, how you continually try to ridicule me, while I’m just throwin’ you down and trolling ya. Why settle on this “hypocracy?” The hypocrisy of this situation is that you can’t get yourself a decent, smart, and attractive girl, and yet you tell me to get one. Sorry, I’ve got one, and I treat her with as much respect as I treat other women, dipstick.

        And you’re spewing insults back at me? Huh, retaliation is your last resort, right?

        And you’re saying that you want a anorexic and disrespectful girl, right?

        Well, that’s all I need to hear. You’re forever alone- as a troll would post.

        Try harder, son. The more you argue with me, the more I expose your failure.

      4. Kay says:

        what good is DD December if the tits are fake?

        Any skank with 12k and self esteem issues can do that…

        And Lol at the comments between A.L and BOb

        It amazes me the lengths men will go to to “defend” whatever piece of meat they’re currently jacking off to…

        She looks ridiculous with those enormous water balloons on her chest. Natural looking boobs are best.

        Has my opinion pissed you off?
        Wanna flame me with replies and insults?

        It doesn’t matter either way she’s still a plastic skank who wouldnt even give you’re sorry ass the time of day…

      5. Kay says:

        Go bob!
        Nice to see a man who values natural beauty and the heart and mind of a gal, not just her body
        The sign of a REAL man. And a rare breed judging by the other posters on here.

        Don’t mind pigs like AL and johndog they’re just mad you’re insulting their fap material lol.

      6. A.L. says:

        Alas, Kay, you seem to miss the point. I look for actual qualities in a woman, whereas you talk about breasts.

        I simply ask you this question: Would you prefer a woman with real tits but a highly disrespectful manner, or a girl with fake tits but with real manners.

        I, unlike you, don’t find an urge to fap to Christine. Sure, she’s hot, but I’ll stick to my current girl, thanks.

      7. David says:

        Judging by the arguments, it seems that both Kay and Bob don’t care about manners. Seems like both of them can’t get the right type of girl.

      8. Kay says:

        I am a girl pendejo

      9. A.L. says:

        >Implying I’m a pendejo when you defend stupid skanks.

      10. Bobert says:

        “implying I’m a pendejo when you defend stupid skanks”

        Kay have you been defending miss “double D December?” LUL

  9. Brit says:

    @bobert: “you’d see her for the plastic tramp she is.” Whether you prefer natural or not, calling her a “plastic tramp” isn’t acceptable. I went to jr. high and high school with Christine and I can tell you that she was one of the sweetest, most genuine ladies around. She’s also really intelligent. So what if she’s got a rockin’ bod and a few enhancements. She knows how to work what she’s got to her advantage. You don’t have to love what she’s got to offer but it’s not okay to call her a tramp or a bimbo. If you don’t enjoy her pictures, don’t look at them. Simple as that.

    1. A.L. says:

      Thank you for offering your POV, Brit. Christine is, from the looks of it, a very kind girl.

      Bobert and Kay, have there ever been times where Christine has shown herself as advantageous and promiscuous? No, the people who find that in her are Kevin and Bean, which, I don’t blame them for, she has a good body. To me, a girl is about manners, NOT fap material.

      So, Bobert, I ask you again, would you defend a girl that has gone though surgery but is kind and courteous (Christine), or have a natural girl with skanky manners and disrespectfulness?

      You decide. Seems like you’re choosing the latter.

      1. Bob says:

        oh give it a f*cking rest A.L/Brit/David/Whatever other screen names you invent up next

        as if manners have anything to do with my original comment.

        as if you arent just replying and insulting me because you disagree with my opinion in defense of someone you find attractive.

        of coarse everyone would prefer a well mannered girl to go out with. But that still has absolutely nothing to do with what i said

        which is that i would prefer a girl with enough love and respect for her own natural body to not feel she needs giant balloons on her chest. I’ll bet Christine looked better before she had surgery.
        And dont even start with trying to convince me this is a smart a girl
        a girl with integrity and intellect doesnt need to destroy/use her body as a means to an end. And a girl with self respect and good self esteem doesnt need to enhance that body either.

        Now let me ask you a question A.L
        why are you so concerned with the opinion of a complete stranger? Oh wait i get it cuz you fap to her.
        you do realize that there is NOTHING you could say to change my opinion of this chick?

        so like i said, give it up, your true intentions and motives are obvious
        and dont bother replying
        all further comments will just go straight to my spam inbox with the rest of the garbage.

  10. Pascuali says:

    Will you guys please stop obsessing about STORAGE WARS. I too was infatuated with the show till I found out it is rigged. My coworker goes to these auctions and was in a episode in Norwalk and he told me that the main characters get paid a shitLoad of cash to put on the show. TO make it worse the TV staff sneak in valuable items into to storages to make it more interesting. Look it on the web and I’m not the only one that has been heartbroken by these bullshit..:-(

    1. A.L. says:

      You put it on spam?
      Means ya failed, and ya lost the battle, fool.
      You concede defeat by uhm, using your email to “block” me like a pussy.
      Way to go , bro. You just made a laughingstock out of yourself.

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