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Kings Of Leon Talk About Food, Family, & Keeping It Fresh

kol rbss Kings Of Leon Talk About Food, Family, & Keeping It Fresh

Kings of Leon’s recently released album might be entitled Mechanical Bull, but the band says that, for insurance purposes, it might be hard for them to take one on the road during tour. They aren’t opposed to “bringing mess-ups” or that raw, sex-drenched sound that the band is so well-known for. In an interview with Kat Corbett, brothers Jared and Caleb Followill divulged that they even like to bring that energy to their album, trying to make it sound as live as possible–even if it might annoy their producer, Angelo Petraglia.

“I think it’s good to keep it fresh and switch it up,” said the band. “Sometimes you go in there and you know what you’re going to do and sometimes you just wing it…and a lot of special moments kind of happen that way because you get to hear all the flaws and stuff that makes it like a real band playing live.”

The band says they like to have their flaws uncovered, even going so far as liking to read negative reviews because “you can learn a lot more from a negative review,” although a lot of times “it’s just stupid stuff,” but when all the positive criticism is the same if there’s one negative blogger, “that’s the one that I read,” said the band.

One experience that the band got an overwhelmingly positive response from was the debut of their food festival in Tennessee called Music City Eats.

“We’ve kind of been foodies for a while now because we travel so much,” said the band. “And you kind of need little things that are going to make you excited to go back to a city; food is that for us.”

They texted their manager and he replied almost immediately, “Great idea. Let’s do it.” The city of Nashville and the chefs that came loved it, saying “it was the best food festival they’d ever been to because it wasn’t a lot of pressure and there was a musical side to it.”

In a totally unrelated note, but in a perfect segue, Corbett mentions the Kings of Leon shout-outs to someone named Nacho Followill. The dudes divulge that he is a cousin and that “his dad and our dad are all brothers.” Nacho is credited as a producer on the album and many of the Kings of Leon’s video are brought to us by “Nachovision.”

“He was the best athlete in the family and we all thought that he was going to be a baseball player, so we made a pact that he would take us along if he was a baseball player and give us odd jobs,” explained the guys. “And he ended up injuring his knee so we started a band and we gave him an odd job. And now he’s one of the biggest guitar techs out there. He learned from scratch just like us.”

When they’re not learning from “scratch,” the guys like to play on the internet, but Caleb Followill says that his downtime includes hanging out with his beautiful Victoria’s Secret wife, Lily Aldridge, their daughter, and hanging out and playing golf every now and then with his good friends.

He says he’s not amazing at golf, but that he’s “better than Nathan” who’s in a funk. “It’s a mental thing,” laughed Caleb. “It’s the first time in my life and I’m loving it.”

Just like how the band, which Corbett confesses she gets the most clothing covered in beer at their shows, loves playing intimate venues because they feel like everyone just gets drunker. They only have to walk twenty feet to the bar as opposed to across a huge venue. “I love it when they’re drunk.”

Mechanical Bull is out now on RCA. Pick up a copy here.

–Nadia Noir, KROQ

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