Kevin & Bean’s Top Ten “Moments With” Of 2012

A Moment With Kevin

As we quickly approach the end of 2012, Kevin & Bean will begin to countdown the best drops, Internet Roundup videos, and Omar intros of the year. Today, we did our favorite countdown: The Top Ten “Moments With”.

What is a “Moment With”? It’s that magical time when someone on the show, mostly Kevin, flubs in a spectacular fashion. And we don’t just forgive these mistakes and forget…we save and highlight them! We had a pool from way more than 10 to choose from, but these stood out as the most magical:

10. Bean shows us that even giving out simple details on the air, like the name of our show and radio station, can be troublesome.

9. Lisa May has a live commercial for Sea World go horribly wrong. Do any of the words coming out of her mouth make any sense?

8. Ralph can’t tell the difference between “Psych” or Spike, or USA Today or the USA Network.

7. Kevin tries to pay a compliment to Reggie Watts. Is he a Musician or a Magician?

6. Bean confuses Amanda Knox with Casey Anthony. Nope, not a baby killer, or “the Italian kill the sex party guy”.

5. Kevin has trouble keeping facts straight about SEAL Team Six.

4. Kevin screws up the common expression “One Size Fits All”.

3. Kevin “checks out” of the on-air conversation, but still tries to contribute.

2. Kevin asks Urijah Faber a question about coaching on the Ulitmate Fighter…tips?

And your #1 “Moment With” for 2012:

1. 1709: Kevin shows us his masterful grasp of Military Time.

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