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Incubus’ Brandon Boyd Performs New ‘Sons Of The Sea’ Songs Live On The Kevin & Bean Show

Sitting in the studio with Kevin and Bean, Brandon Boyd from Incubus jokes “This is my radio voice.” His iconic timbre is as silky smooth as an angel who just sipped honey; pure and sweet and sexy, all in one breath.  Boyd is joined by legendary producer Brendan O’Brien, who has worked with him on their current music collaboration called Sons of The Sea. The project highlights the melodic quality of Boyd’s voice with a different, more shimmering sound than Incubus. O’Brien admits that while he did produce the last three Incubus records and has known Incubus for over ten years he chose to do the Sons of the Sea project because he has a rule to never turn down as great a voice as Boyd’s.


“We’ve known each other for so long and from my position, there’s a rule in my head, anytime a really good singer wants to do something with you, you just say yes,” confessed O’Brien. “That’s very difficult to find and you just go, ‘OK, let’s see what happens here.’ And Brendan happens to be a fairly normal guy when it comes to showing up on time and being a decent person–which is also difficult to find…homeboy kind of does both.”

O’Brien–who has produced an epic list of artists including the Killers, Offspring, and Pearl Jam (with whom he was playing with during their lightning storm fiasco show at Wrigley Field this year)—says that “from right away” the project was fun and easy. They worked on “Lady Black” and went into Sons of the Sea with no concepts for the future.

“I don’t think that we necessarily had a plan,” admitted Boyd. “Really, the only plan was just kind of get into the studio as often as we could and enjoy it.  There was no time schedule; there was no label. Just kind of good fun.”

What came out of their “good fun,” was something that was definitely from the imagination of Boyd, so it has a few sonic ties to Incubus, but also sounds very different since Michael Einziger wasn’t in the mix.

“Yeah, there’s obvious thru lines but I think the kind of things that differentiate it, when I’m writing lyrics and melodies and things like that, are a lot of the time I’m kind of reacting to musical landscapes that are presented. And my writing partner, Michael Einziger, he just has a sort of different stylistic approach and aesthetic approach to writing music,” said Boyd. “And people dig it and I dig it and it’s really fun to write with—we’ve had a long and fruitful career and I’m excited to write with him some more. This, I think it brought out some different things in me because the sort of architect I was working with was very different, was referencing different things.”

Boyd was quick to admit that he’s not “cheating” on Incubus. He’s just in a “polyamorous affair.”

“I still love them with all my heart.”

Sons of the Sea’s debut self-titled album is available today through AVOW! Records. You can purchase the entire album at iTunes here. Check out the official music video for “Come Together” below:

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