Fall Out Boy Premiere New Song “Centuries,” Talk Forthcoming Album With Kat Corbett

By Nadia Noir

Fall Out Boy has blasted through radio-ready, punk-infused rock tunes for almost a decade, but today fans are more concerned with what they’ve done for “Centuries.”

Their first tune to drop off their upcoming untitled sixth studio album, Fall Out Boy tweeted that “Centuries” would be released today (September 8, 2014).

Kat Corbett got to sit down and chat about “Centuries” with Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. They also talked about Stump’s food habits on tour, how they’ve loosened up with their writing style, a Suzanne Vega song as musical inspiration, what crazy hashtag autocorrect renamed their tour on Wentz’s phone, and how their favorite airport lounge is in Singapore because of an adjacent butterfly sanctuary.

Watch the whole thing above, but check out some of the highlight below.

Wentz on their #MonumentTour hashtag:

“You know the crazy thing about doing that hashtag? My phone auto-corrected it to #MommyMentor always. Not that sweet with the kids, turns out. Not a big hashtag, #MommyMentor.”

Stump on the evolution of Fall Out Boy’s writing process:

“That’s what they say about the amount of effort they want to do. We have a lot of ideas for the record, but the crazy thing about us making a record for us now…We used to really, really stress ourselves out and really just, kind of, you know, I used to mad scientist forever in the studio. Just hours upon hours of just tweaking things. And the more that I do it, the more that I realize that when you’re inspired it’s just going to happen and you’re going to be really fast. When you’re not inspired, you’re kind of beating a dead horse. So, we wait to have a song that has something inspiring and exciting to us. In this case, “Centuries,” and then we just kind of take it from there and get the record moving for us.”

Stump on the artistry of songwriting:

“Artistry should just be about expressing yourself and when you wake up one day and you don’t have anything to express and you’re just like, ‘OK. I have to write a song today that’s not necessarily going to be the most emotionally gripping song.”

Wentz on touring, being global, and airport lounge life:

“I feel like how the world is with the internet and all that, you kind of have to go global or if you’re a band that plays in different territories you haf eto do that so we’ve gotten kind of used to sleeping in airport lounges and doing a lot of Facetime…Patrick likes it when we’re anywhere in Asia because they have rad food and lounges.”

Stump on the “rad food and lounges” in Asia:

“The thing is, we travel so much that we instantly get status. Once you fly that much , yeah ok, you’re probably going to get into the lounge. You get into the lounge and all across Asia, they just have awesome Asian food. So, I just don’t eat anything and wait until we go to the airport and then I’m happy. They have everywhere. So, across Asia, there’s this thing of like the world buffet. So everywhere you go, the hotel that you stay at, the breakfast in the morning, there’s a corner where it’s like, ‘Japanese breakfast. And then like Chinese breakfast. Then like Indian breakfast.'”

Stump on singing the National Anthem soon:

“This is actually the first. It’s come up a lot, like we’ve actually tried to do it a bunch of times and then like somehow it just never works out. I hope I’m ready. We’ll see. Hopefully, I flub the words and it’s one of those famous bloopers…I think you’ve got to go au naturale and let it be what it is. If you really bomb that day, you bomb for America.”

Fall Out Boy on news about their upcoming album:

“Nothing other than it is going to happen. We do not have a Chinese Democracy on our hands. ”


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