On this edition of the Internet Roundup: A thirty car pile up in the snow, the dental mouth opener challenge: beatbox edition, a woman freaks out after winning $11 on HQ and a man delivers coffee to a reporter during the blizzard.

Also, a reporter tells people they won’t win the lottery, a squirrel release goes wrong, a squirrel attacks the police and more.

Thirty Car Pileup in the Snow
Description: “My wife and I were involved in a thirty car pileup on Southbound US31 in Muskegon Michigan. We were able to avoid hitting anyone by driving in to the median so I shot video and gave a play by play of the cars crashing in. As the video is being shot we are hit three times. Cars, trucks, parts, and snow, flying everywhere.”

Darude – Sandstorm (Potato Cover)
Description: I play Sandstorm by Darude aka. Ville Virtanen on a potato. Thank you Ville for the music and the work you do but also this track that we all LOVE!!

Dental Mouth Opener Challenge: beatbox edition
Description: We’re still working on our basic “boots” and “cats” and this woman can lay down a banger with dental gear in.

Woman freaks out after winning $11 on HQ Trivia
Description: This funny video shows Lauren May on an emotional rollercoaster as she realizes she’s won $11.30 playing HQ Trivia, a popular live trivia game. She absolutely loses her mind not because she won a measly $11 but because she beat our over 700K live trivia players. After all, a Win is a Win.

Man Delivers Coffee To Reporter During Snow Blizzard
Description: Man delivers coffee to snow reporter during the blizzard of 2018.

Reporter Tells People They Won’t Win The Lottery
Description: Reporter gets honest about playing the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery while joking during interviews.

Releasing a Squirrel Goes Very Wrong
Description: “My son brought home an injured squirrel to see if we could rehab and release. we kept just few days and he made some improvement. we decided to go ahead and try to release. Since my son was not home I was making video for him. My son is Hoss. We had no idea our cat Tom was outside at the time of release. Once Tom got the squirrel he did immediately drop him at our door. Tom the cat did not kill the squirrel. He lived a few more days and then died from whatever he was sick from originally.”

Hilarious moment police are attacked by home invading cookie stealing squirrel
Description: Cookie stealing squirrel LEAPS on police officers on bodycam video Hilarious moment a cookie stealing squirrel ATTACKED police officers is caught on dash cam A police bodycam has captured the amazing moment that officers faced an aerial onslaught from an unusual home invader – a squirrel.

Yall Know I love me Some Uggs – Sgmaniak (Mononeon Tribute)
Description: Cardi B Loves Uggs!! I love Cardi B.

Convertible Fail
Description: “Cruising through the city of Cranston, RI, when we came across what looked like a convertible with no top, spinning its tires in a parking lot, during a blizzard. Stopped to investigate. Asked the operator if he was ok, in which he said, ‘yes.’

Drumming on a Tricycle
Description: “Was driving Down the road and came across this man. I now know him as Mike Pestritto on his trike.”

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