Kevin & Bean’s Internet Roundup: The Ukulele Song By Nick Offerman, Alison Hammond Screams At Meghan Markle + More

On this edition of the Internet Roundup: Remember when Zack Morris got Jessie hooked on caffeine pills, The most ridiculous things from The Walking Dead, the Ukulele song by Nick Offerman, President Trump sings Havana by Camila Cabello and an Australian TV host almost kills herself with an exploding Coke bottle.

Also, reporter Alison Hammond is having the time of her life trying to get Meghan Markle’s attention, rapping weatherman, the cheerleader levitate trick, Jordan Peele breaks down “Get Out” fan theories, the best films of 2017 video countdown and more.

The Time Zack Morris Got Jessie Hooked On Caffeine Pills
Description: Remember the ‘Saved By The Bell’ when Zack Morris got Jessie hooked on caffeine pills? Zack Morris is trash.

S08E07 “Time for After” – The Most Ridiculous Things From The Walking Dead
Description: Dramatic boombox repair and redneck truck justice. The most ridiculous things from last night’s ‘The Walking Dead’ S08E07 “Time for After”

The Ukulele Song by Nick Offerman
Description: Captured during the Fayetteville Roots Festival live at The Heartbreak House.

Debunked: Donald Trump’s Claim Barack Obama Didn’t Say Merry Christmas | All In | MSNBC
Description: Donald Trump claims he brought “Merry Christmas” back to the White House. We found plenty of evidence proving him wrong.

Camila Cabello – Havana ( cover by Donald Trump )
Description: Hey guys, I can’t make much money from these videos (copyright!), but they take a long time to make ! This is my store if you would like to support me!

Australian TV Host almost killed by Exploding Coke Bottle
Description: So close…

Reporter Alison Hammond screaming at Meghan Markle
Description: Reporter Alison Hammond is having fun trying to get Meghan Markle’s attention.

Alison Hammond living her best damn life screaming MEGS at Meghan Markle is the best TV I’ve seen in years #thismorning

— Ryan Love (@RyanJL) December 1, 2017

A Die Hard Christmas
Description: A Die Hard Christmas Remix for you all. Tis the season for John Mcclane to crawl through air ducts and punch/blowup/shoot things and people. Now he has a machine gun, ho ho ho.

Try Not To Cringe #4 – News Raps
Description: Wow. The news. Wow.

Description: Watch this high school cheerleader levitate

This is how you send a Cease and Desist – Modist Brewing Company
Description: That moment when Bud Light sends you a cease and desist for your #dillydilly release… via a scroll… written in olde english… read by an actual medieval person.. and then sends you to the Minnesota Super Bowl 2018.

A Different Type of Streaker
Description: Only in Soccer will this happen.

Jordan Peele Breaks Down “Get Out” Fan Theories from Reddit | Vanity Fair
Description: Jordan Peele, writer and director of “Get Out,” reads, confirms, and debunks fan theories from Reddit. Is “Get Out” just an imagined scenario of Rod the TSA Agent? What does the deer really symbolize? It the movie actually a sequel to Being John Malkovich? Jordan Peele answers these questions and points out easter eggs and secret messages you may not have noticed in the film.

Description: a video countdown of the 25 best films of 2017. edited by David Ehrlich (@davidehrlich)

The Late Late Show with James Corden – Bryan Cranston is The Elf on the Shelf
Description: When Bryan Cranston sends James a custom Elf of the Shelf for the holidays, the elf’s omnipresence intended to keep James honest instead drives him crazy and desperate to eliminate the elf from his life.

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