Liam Gallagher on How John Lennon Inspired ‘As You Were’ Album Title

By Scott T. Sterling

For Liam Gallagher, John Lennon’s influence looms well beyond his days of fronting Oasis.

During an exclusive interview with KROQ’s Megan Holiday following his set at the massive Cal Jam ’17 festival, Gallagher explained how his catchphrase and solo debut album title, As You Were, was inspired by the Beatles legend.

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“A lot of people say it,” Gallagher said of the phrase that has become his signature sign off on Twitter. “I’ve been the one that kind of says it more than anyone else. John Lennon used to wear these t-shirts with ‘You Are Here’ [on them]. I’ve always liked that. It reminds me of ‘As You Were,’ ‘Be Here Now,’ it’s got that kind of thing,” he adds, throwing in a reference to Oasis’ 1997 album, Be Here Now.

“I mean, it doesn’t really mean anything,” the singer continued. “Everyone’s always trying to find a meaning for something, and sometimes things aren’t meant to mean anything, you know what I mean?”

Watch the full interview below.

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