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Local Business Spotlight: Get Your Ice Cream Sandwich Fix at CREAM

First off, Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!  I know every day is National Something Day but ice cream is definitely one of my favorite things on God’s green earth so I had to do something special.  And by special, I mean I went to CREAM over by USC and stuffed my face with ice cream.

If you’ve never heard of CREAM, think of Diddy Riese on steroids.  If you haven’t heard of either, do yourself a favor, stop reading this and go to one of those spots right now.  CREAM, like Diddy Riese, can make you an amazing ice cream sandwich with your choice of ice cream and freshly baked cookie.  But CREAM has taken their ice cream sando game to the next level.  Not only can you choose from Snicker-Doodle, Chocolate Chip or the sundry of different cookies, but you can also choose brownies or a cronut.  Yes, I said cronut!  The delicious doughnut-croissant hybrid that has been all the rave for the last few years.


CREAM is everything you would expect from an ice cream shop.  The walls are a pristine white and everything is lit with clean white light.  The display cases show off their freshly baked cookies and ice cream toppings.  The ice cream freezer displays their wide array of ice cream flavors; Cookies & Cream, Rocky Road, Strawberry Cheesecake, Churro and their fan favorite Soy Mint Chocolate Chip.  My favorite thing about the store was their choice of music, the whole time I was there all I heard was jazzy hip hop.  Nothing like eating an ice cream and jamming out to Kendrick Lamar.


Right off the bat, I was greeted by my favorite words, “You can try whatever you’d like.”  It’s like music to my ears, but my response is always the same.  “Dealer’s choice!” I want to know what the people that work there think is good.  Make my sandwich the way you would make yours.  And that goes for every restaurant that I’ve ever had the privilege of covering.

My new best friend, John at CREAM, served me up some of the fan favorites including the Do’sant sandwich, a classic cookie ice cream sandwich and a CREAM specialty, the CREAM Taco.


From the very beginning, I knew I wanted the classic Cookie Ice Cream sandwich.  John hooked it up with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and Cin-ful Churro ice cream combination.  The cookies were exactly how I like them.  Think Mrs. Fields cookies, warm with the crispy edges and the soft center.  John paired those perfect cookies with the fan favorite churro ice cream.  Let me tell you something, that churro ice cream was f**king great!  There’s no other way for me to tell you how good it was.  It was creamy with a hint of cinnamon and actual pieces of churro.  And don’t forget, this f**king great ice cream was sandwiched in between warm cookies.  After the classic sandwich, I knew what CREAM wasn’t messing around.  It was time to get a little crazy.


We got the classic sandwich out of the way, the next thing on my mind was the Do’sant sandwich.  The Do’sant is your choice of ice cream sandwiched in between two mini cronuts.  John used Cookies and Cream ice cream, which happens to be one of my favorite flavors, and sandwiched it in between to two of some the most delicious and soft mini cronuts I’ve ever had.  I could have eaten a tub of the Cookies & Cream ice cream and about 50 of the mini cronuts.  With the combination of flaky yet doughy pastry and arguably the best ice cream flavor ever, there is no question why this is CREAM’s best-selling ice cream sandwich.


I know it’s Ice Cream Sandwich Day, but I can’t go to CREAM and not have the CREAM Taco.  You get to choose any three ice cream flavors and any two toppings and it’s served in a waffle cone taco shell.  I let John work his magic and he put together a damn good taco; combining Rocky Road, Very Berry Strawberry and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and topped it with a few sprinkles of Fruity Pebbles, mini M&Ms and rainbow sprinkles.  I’m usually not into adding too many toppings because I like the ice cream to do all of the talking, but my guy John knew what he was doing.  I mean look at the picture, the taco is beautiful and it photographs so well.

I want to thank CREAM for helping me celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day the right way.  I had a great time talking ice cream and watching people be genuinely excited about ice cream.  Definitely check out CREAM at one of their many SoCal locations, and in celebration of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, they are selling mini versions of their sandwiches for a penny from 1pm to 4pm.  This goes back to the year 1900 when some genius decided to sandwich ice cream in between two cookies and sell them for a penny.  What a time to be alive! There is no wrong combination when it comes to putting your sandwich together, trust me.


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