Bastille Holds The Spotlight on Their ‘Wild, Wild World Tour’

By Scott T. Sterling

“In the books that we read, the films that we watch and the music we listen to, there’s always a kind of interest in the dark-leaning side. I think it’s just more interesting,” reveals Dan Smith, frontman for British rock outfit, Bastille. Being bold, exploring the inner darkness—Apothic Wines is the perfect partner for the band’s current world tour behind sophomore full-length, Wild World. “We want it to feel like a soundtrack. We want it to feel like a mixtape where you weren’t really sure where it was going to go next.”

Apothic Wines and Bastille are bringing the “Wild, Wild World Tour” across the globe on a string of dates where fans can experience the band as they never have before while exploring the distinctive and bold red blends of the tour’s Wine of Choice.

“It’s always been really important to us to not patronize our fans, so when it comes to releasing music, the songs themselves, the lyrics, the artwork, the videos, everything, we like to have fun with it,” Smith explains of the inspired collaboration. “I think also we like to challenge ourselves and try and do something that feels a little bit different and a little bit left-leaning and skewed.”

“We wanted to really surprise everybody and put together a whole show and a tour that we’re really proud of. So far, it’s been great.”

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