On this edition of the Internet Roundup: Did Beyonce steal her “Singles Ladies” Choreography form an 80’s workout video, an Honest Trailer of Logan, an unusual reaction to a painkiller, Hugh Jackman narrates a Mario Kart Race and an amazing Motorcycle crash.

Also, a reporter rides Disneyland’s new ride Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission BREAKOUT, The Love Actually Reunion from Red Nose Day, 2 guys stay in Walmart for 48 hours, Nashville Predators Fans get pumped up for the Stanley Cup Finals, a woman tries to stop her carjackers and more.

Did Beyonce Steal ‘Single Ladies’ Choreography From An 80’s Workout Video?
Description: Hmmm…..

Honest Trailers – Logan (200th Episode!!)
Description: Hugh Jackman returns in his ninth run as Wolverine to take on his most ruthless enemy – old age! – LOGAN!

An unusual reaction to a strong painkiller… | Scotland’s Superhospital
Description: A strong painkiller causes a surprising reaction when a patient has to have his fractured ankle manipulated back into place.

Hugh Jackman Narrates a Mario Kart Race
Description: Tokyo is weird.
We’re here waiting for the green light and ohhhhh ….. #mariokart #supermariobros pic.twitter.com/zyI2eHv9rp

Description: Please share this video to help raise Motorcycle Awareness. There were a lot of things wrong in this situation, this whole event could have been diverted if the driver had simply looked before illegally crossing the double yellow into the Carpool (HOV) lane. had let off the throttle as I was approaching traffic, when this happened. I pulled the clutch and hit the foot brake locking the rear tire. I left off to get the bike upright again but it was too late to swerve.

Dog Interrupts a News Cast
Description: Dog Interupts a News cast

Before They Were Famous: Wonder Woman & DC Extended Universe!
Description: Even superheroes nominees have to get their start somewhere. Check out what DCEU actors Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Ben Affleck, Margo Robbie and others were doing long before anyone knew their names!

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! Ride Makes Reporter Scream Like A Girl News Blooper
Description: Reporter reacts to Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! Ride at Disneyland Resort.

Kids Read Trump Speeches
Description: When Donald Trump reads from a script we’ve noticed that it sounds a lot like a fourth grader giving a book report. So to highlight that, we asked actual fourth graders to read parts of Trump’s actual speeches from this trip to show how they stack up with the big kid in the oval office.

Red Nose Day Actually: The Love Actually Reunion 14 Years in the Making
Description: This digital exclusive reunion sequel to “Love Actually” features cast members from the beloved holiday film, including Patrick Dempsey, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln, Laura Linney, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy and more!

Description: In this episode we decided to test the limits of our will power. We tried and succeeded to stay in Walmart for 48 hours straight. Sleeping in the forts was by far the hardest part. All in all though it was not crazy difficult, if you were homeless, Walmart is not a bad place to spend a couple of days.

Happy 40th “Star Wars” Anniversary! Here are 40 Facts About Making The Film
Description: “Star Wars” is officially 40 years old. In honor of the momentous occasion, here are 40 facts about how the movie was made. Ever wonder why stormtroopers always miss? Finally, you may have your answer.

Description: Nashville Predators fans are pumped for the Stanley Cup Finals.

Woman Tries to Stop her Carjackers
Description: This Woman is nuts!

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