Watch Twenty One Pilots’ Frontman Tumble Off Piano

By Annie Reuter

Twenty One Pilots are well known for their energetic live show but sometimes, even a well-planned concert can include some mishaps. At a recent set during the 2017 Hangout Festival, Twenty One Pilots’ frontman Tyler Joseph fell from the top of a piano.

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A clip uploaded to YouTube of the spill left the singer explaining to the crowd one of his favorite past times in the aftermath of his fall.

“When I go home, I sit on the computer with my father and we YouTube ‘Twenty One Pilots falling,'” Joseph joked. After the tumble, Joseph got right back up and kept performing, which surprised some people.

“HE WIPED OUT AND STILL FINISHED THE LINE WHAT A CHAMP,” one fan writes on Twitter. “(don’t worry about the fall he was fine he laughed it off).”

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