"This life is not meant to be lived alone in your head, it's a gat damn team effort."

By Nicole Alvarez

It’s impossible to understand why Chris Cornell did what he did. It’s incomprehensible. However, what you CAN try and understand is that depression is the devil. Depression, which is compounded by loneliness, isolation, self-loathing, hopelessness, and sometimes chemicals and addiction, will take a human and pin them to the ground face down until they are out of air and all they see is darkness. So, plain and simple, if you know anyone that you even remotely think is going through something, anything, you reach out. Pay attention to your feelings and always assume that the people you know have them too and sometimes can’t handle them alone. Basically, give a shit. Wake up and give a shit. This life is not meant to be lived alone in your head, it’s a gat damn team effort, strength in numbers. Back in the day, gladiators, some bad ass motherf*ckers, had a very inspirational approach to victory. They believed that to win, you have to fight as a single unit. I’ve always loved that. We fight as a single unit. If the person next to me is hurt, I’m going to put my arm around them and who knows, in helping them, maybe a part of me that needs healing is served as well. The least we can do is try.

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And to those of you that don’t understand this level of grief or why we are so deeply affected by “someone we didn’t know,” well maybe we didn’t know him, as is apparent by the massive shock felt by millions today, but it sure did feel like he knew us. I for one, find more companionship, compassion, and warmth in music than I do in humanity. He opened himself up and let us into the core of his soul and because of that, a lot of people found a home. Sometimes a few honest words set to music is the only home you’ll ever know or even ever need. He gave people that; a place to feel understood and a place they felt strong.

Rest In Peace you astounding talent of a man and human being.

Here are some numbers and websites to keep handy. Or, just talk to me. I’m happy to chat. I’m a good chatter.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

(800) 273-8255

Teen Helpline

(310) 855-4673
Text TEEN to 839863

Los Angeles Dept. of Mental Health
(800) 854-7771

Not in LA? Here’s a super helpful list.


Comments (3)
  1. Beautifully put, Nicole.

  2. He most likely killed himself because of a DRUG he was taking for depression, not from the depression itself. I’m not saying there isn’t such a thing as depression, but those who started to categorize it as a “disease” are those trying hard to get people on very vicious drugs — for money and/or for keeping them as patients. Because the drugs don’t CURE. They just lead to more drugs. Psychiatrists and Big Pharma are to blame. Those who created the drugs KNOW of their dangers, but the crooked FDA allows them to test their own products and right their own reports, so they get away with it. Anti-depressants are responsible for millions of suicides, homicides, and heart attacks all over the world. It’s important to start learning about this and screaming LOUDLY! Watch the videos on this site: http://www.cchr.org, and this site: https://www.cchrint.org. SHARE them. Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Hutchence are 3 other important figures who died the same way, from taking these poisons that mess with your brain so badly, that you put a rope around your neck. It’s not about depression. PLEASE check out those websites and get the FACTS! Thanks.

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