On this edition of the Internet Roundup: Sean Spicer uses the best words, City Slickers in Westworld, an Honest Trailer of John Wick, Dog Wick and Darth Vader vs. Buzz Lightyear.  

Also, Mac Lethal eats a Carolina Reaper while rapping, Australia second, Beauty and Lord Voldermort, Jimmy Kimmel meets the man who spent $100K on a cheeto and more.

Sean Spicer’s Alternative ABCs | GQ
Description: Is this Kevin?

City Slickers in Westworld feat. Billy Crystal
Description: Years after their ‘City Slickers’ narrative was retired, Westworld hosts Mitch (Billy Crystal) & Phil (Daniel Stern) are still happily driving cattle, however Mitch has started to malfunction and it’s up to Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) to analyze why he has gone off his loop.

Honest Trailers – John Wick
Description: You killed his dog. You stole his car. He kicked a whole lot of ass -John Wick!

Dog Wick
Description: They messed with the wrong dog.

Will Arnett: LEGO Batman Toy Shop Prank
Description: All he has to do is make a phone call where each sentence starts with the next letter of the alphabet, in character, as Lego Batman. Simple? Will Arnett takes on AlphabetiCall on The Matt Edmondson Show on BBC Radio 1.

Darth Vader VS Buzz Lightyear
Description: Star Wars meets Toy Story. The ultimate Disney face off.

Rapping After Eating the Hottest Pepper in the World
Description: I can’t describe the level of pain this put on me. I watched tons of videos on YouTube of people eating these, and concluded that all of the people in them were full of shit/being dramatic. No, this video doesn’t even do the heat justice. I don’t recommend you ever eat a Carolina Reaper pepper, but if you must, buy them here:

The Weekly: Make Australia Second
Description: If Trump wants America First, Let’s make Australia Second!

IS AN ELEPHANT HEAVY? (Funny News Interview)
Description: The funniest news interview of 2017 is here!

Doctors discover LIVE cockroach inside woman’s SKULL
Description: Video courtesy Newslions media – Domestic helper Selvi, 42, was woken up in the middle of the night by a “crawling sensation” in her right nostril which became a “burning” feeling in her head. Baffled medics used a nasal endoscopy to find the creepy crawly “sitting in the skull base between her eyes”. They were forced to used clamps and a sucker to get it out, but miraculously the bug was still ALIVE. Doctors said had Selvi ignored the scratchy sensation, the insect would have died, causing an infection close to her brain.

The Devil Went Down To Georgia White Trash Washing Machine Cover

Description: White trash washer band with a classic!

Beauty and Lord Voldemort
Description: Who could ever learn to love a real beast like Voldemort? A mashup of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Harry Potter’, with Voldemort as the beast, and Belle is a witch. Gaston is, of course, a brave and proud Gryffindor.

Jimmy Kimmel Meets the Man Who Spent $100k on a Cheeto
Description: Someone just paid almost $100,000 on eBay for a Cheeto that looked like the famous gorilla Harambe. We tracked him down here in LA. Jimmy went to his office to visit and see the Cheeto up close.

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