Kevin & Bean’s Internet Roundup 1/13/17: Ed Sheeran Sings Fresh Prince, An Honest Trailer Of The Princess Bride + More

On this edition of the Internet Roundup: An Honest Trailer of The Princess Bride, Ed Sheeran covers “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme, President Obama sings The Weeknd’s “Starboy” and Australian newscaster Amber Sherlock makes Julie Snook change before a segment.

Also, Home Alone with Blood, a friend pranks his friend with Green Day’s “Time of Your Life,” snow day at the Oregon Zoo and more.

Honest Trailers – The Princess Bride
Description: Prepare yourself for the classic action-romance-comedy-drama kids movie for adults. As you wish…The Princess Bride!

Ed Sheeran Covers ‘The Fresh Prince’ Theme Tune
Description: A listener asked Ed Sheeran if he could sing the ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ theme tune on the Capital Evening Show with Roman Kemp…and he didn’t disappoint!

Barack Obama Singing Starboy by The Weeknd (ft. Daft Punk)
Description: Secretly recorded shortly after giving his farewell speech.

Amber Sherlock makes Julie Snook change before TV appearance
Description: Amber Sherlock makes Julie Snook change before TV appearance

600 Groin Shots in 600 Seconds
Description: A nice compilation to celebrate AFV’s 600th Episode.

Man Shoveling Snow on a Unicycle Dressed as Darth Vader While Playing Flaming Bagpipes
Description: Um. Ok.

Home Alone With Blood #5
Description: It’s Home Alone….with blood!

Guitar prank on my friend!!!
Description: if you’re a fan of green day’s good riddance (time of your life) then you definitely will dig this youtube video 🙂

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Silence
Description: Who better to reunite old friends Bill & Ted for a gritty modern reboot than Martin Scorsese?

Lazy DJs w/ 80Fitz & Jay Walker
Description: Lazy DJs compilation!

Snow day at the Oregon Zoo
Description: Snow Day at the Oregon Zoo. Nora, Samudra and other animals frolic in in the snow. Video courtesy: Oregon Zoo.

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