Kevin & Bean Talk Beer Mug’s Lack Of Holiday Spirit At The Hollywood Christmas Parade

Author: Beer Mug

Sunday, November 27th was The 85th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade. The streets of Hollywood were closed as over 5000 people participated in what many consider to be the official beginning of the Christmas season.

So naturally, Kevin & Bean wanted to send their own gift to the parade: Beer Mug conducting “interviews” on the Red Carpet.

And while Mugs was unable to talk with Kenny G or Cyndi Lauper, he was able to chat with Gumby, Louis Gossett Jr., Santa ClausNaathan Phan, Lou Ferrigno, and lastly, Chuck E. Cheese & Helen Henny.

Watch as Beer Much quickly turns into the Grinch during his interviews.

The Hollywood Christmas Parade will air Friday, December 16th on The CW.

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