Tom Morello Adds Ripping Guitars to Knife Party’s ‘Battle Sirens’

By Staff

Tom Morello has added his signature guitar sounds to Knife Party’s new track, “Battle Sirens.” Morello’s signature licks are instantly recognizable, sounding as if ripped straight from a Rage Against The Machine’s self-titled 1992 album.

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“Tom hit us up when we were in the studio saying he’d always loved the idea of merging his guitar riffs into the electronic world and we bounced some ideas back and forth until we had the final version,” said Knife Party to Rolling Stone about the four-minute instrumental.

Having joined Knife Party on stage at Ultra in Miami earlier this year, the Rage guitarist notes that he couldn’t wait to combine his sound with their on an actual recording. “The devastating grooves, monster drops and insane tension that are a hallmark of both Knife Party and Rage Against the Machine are elevated to a crazy level with this jam,” said Morello.

Battle Sirens will be available for purchase Friday (Sept 9).

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