Pokémon Go: What’s all the hype about? Kevin & Bean attempt to figure it out.

The release of the Pokémon Go app has taken the United States and other countries by storm. The game “Pokémon Go” currently ranks as the top free downloaded app (even over Facebook and Tinder). It was released about a week ago and has taken people all over the city searching for the fictional creatures. Long story short, Pokémon GO is a game on your phone that’s taking over people’s lives (and data) so Kevin & Bean had to figure out what the obsession was all about.

We turned to Dave the King of Mexico to try and explain it to us and we also opened up the phone lines. One of our listeners was attempting to catch Pikachu while driving on the freeway and almost totaled his car in the process. NOT the smartest idea. Another listener has already lost weight because its forcing him to go outside. USA! USA! USA!

This listener was mad we couldn’t pronounce Pokémon correct… SORRY.

El-P from Run The Jewels even got in on the craze and made a rap about Pokémon.

Things are getting a little out of hand trying to catch Pokémon.

And I’ll just leave this one right here…

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