Fatboy Slim Plays Children’s Rave

By Hayden Wright for Radio.com

Fatboy Slim may be an veteran of electronic music, but that didn’t stop the 52-year-old DJ from performing a special rave for folks well under the drinking age. Consider it the latest expansion of the EDM explosion.

The phenomenon has reached new corners of the world the year—Diplo played a set as soon as travel restrictions were lifted in Cuba and Taylor Swift became an unofficial ambassador of the genre to mainstream pop. But as EDM audiences grow and diversify, could children be the next demographic? Maybe that’s what Fatboy Slim was thinking when he agreed to play for kids at his home city of Brighton this weekend.

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“Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat,” goes the track as excited youngsters party on. We’ll see you all at Ultra in 2026—and stay in school!


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