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If you know anything about Corey Taylor then you know this: he doesn’t care what you think. So, he likes what he likes, regardless of who else likes (or hates) it.

Case in point: the trailer for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond film that has been derided by hardcore Trekkies (to the point that both co-star Simon Pegg and director Justin Lin had to address the criticisms)? Taylor liked it, and tells the haters to calm down.

(For the uninitiated, director Justin Lin has worked with the Fast and Furious franchise, which is pretty apparent in the trailer.)

Taylor told, “I loved the trailer, I thought it was great! Here’s the thing: I’ve gotten to the point where I hate calling myself a geek, because geeks are the biggest d—s on the f—in’ internet! They’re gonna look for anything and everything to bitch about.”

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He blames the internet and social media for the ion storm of hate that the trailer has gotten: “They get themselves worked up to the point that they can’t enjoy themselves. Before, they didn’t have that. We would get in little groups of friends, and we we would bitch, and we would fuss, and we’d go to the movie and say, ‘You know what? That was actually good.’ Now they work each other up to the point that, even if the movie is great, they’re gonna hate it.”

“So, what’s the point man?” he asks. “If you’re gonna pick this thing apart, you’re gonna need to go back to your mom’s basement and take a f—in’ nap! ‘Cause I’m over it! They’ve made it to the point where I can’t go to a movie without hearing that s— in my head!”

His forecast for the film itself: “It’s gonna be great. The one thing that we can all agree on is: the cast is awesome. For as many plot holes as Star Trek: Into Darkness had, I still love that movie, I really enjoyed that movie. And anybody who doesn’t, takes this s— way too f—in’ seriously in the first place! It’s a movie. This isn’t Shakespeare! And even Shakespeare, you shouldn’t take that seriously! So for me: the casting is great, you’re gonna enjoy it, it looks like a lot of fun, it looks like one of the first [Star Trek] movies where it has the feel of an episode. We’re not worried about trying to do an origin story. This is its own self-contained adventure, and it’ll be great.”

Another film that’s gotten a lot of geek hate recently is Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Taylor, once again, bucks geek peer pressure: “Honestly, it wasn’t bad, for what it was. I mean, it was a mess! I thought the casting was good. As long as you could suspend a lot of your comic book knowledge, the movie itself wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it more than Man of Steel [the 2013 Superman film that set the stage for Batman V. Superman], which I thought was a huge piece of s—.”

A much less controversial but possibly surprising passion of Taylor’s is a certain former member of the Commodores, who went on to become a pop culture icon as a solo act. “Dude, I just went to see Lionel Richie the other night. he was f—ing amazing, his band was a motherf—er! They played everything! They were doing ‘Dancing on the Ceiling,’ and out of nowhere, they went into Van Halen’s ‘Jump!’ I was like, ‘You gotta be kidding!’ He was so good, he was funny, he was an entertainer. He’s a rare breed, man.”

Speaking of rare breeds, Taylor and Slipknot will be on tour this summer with Marilyn Manson.  The two bands have history together: they were both on the bill at Ozzfest in 2001.

“There were a lot of crazy, crazy nights that I don’t honestly remember… but I have weird recurring nightmares about. One story I can tell you is, we were getting ready to go on stage, and went on before him, and all of the sudden the door to our dressing room bursts open and here he comes, dancing in, but nothing but tighty whiteys, the tightest Fruit-Of-The-Looms that you’ll ever see. And he just dances by, ‘What’s up boys?’ He goes right through an open door which led to where the public was. He was great, that was a great tour!”



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