A Kurt Cobain Graphic Novel is Coming in October

By Hayden Wright for Radio.com

Who Killed Kurt Cobain, a graphic novel by author Nicolas Otero, will be released in October, 2016 by comics publisher IDW. The illustrated narrative will be told from the perspective of “Boddah,” Cobain’s childhood imaginary friend—to whom his suicide note was addressed.

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Otero told Team Rock that his inspiration and vision for the novel has been gestating for many years.

“When Kurt put an end to his life in 1994, I remember hearing the name of Boddah for the first time,” he said. “I thought it could be a fantastic way to tell Kurt’s story, with Boddah as the narrator.

“20 years later, my hair is not long nor dirty, I’m the father of three wonderful kids, and life has given me such a great gift. I can finally draw this little voice and explore what I imagined Kurt’s mind and life were inside. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as I enjoyed doing it. I’m 17 again today.”


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