Watch the Throne: Axl Rose Borrows Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters Throne

By Brian Ives for

Last night, Guns N Roses played the first full length concert of their reunion tour (which sees Slash and Duff McKagan back in the band) at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Fans may have wondered how frontman Axl Rose would perform, as he had recently broken his foot.

Well, he did what Dave Grohl did when the Foo Fighters frontman broke his leg in the midst of a tour last year. And by that, we mean, he did exactly what Grohl did: at last night’s Guns N Roses concert, he was using Grohl’s now-legendary Foo Fighters throne.

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While Rose kept the giant “FF” logo covered for most of the show, at the beginning of the last song, “Paradise City,” he exposed the logo saying, “I’d like to thank Mr. Grohl again; the least we could do is let them do some advertising.” Watch the band’s last two songs below (Rose thanks Grohl at about 6 minutes in).

Guns N Roses play again tonight (April 9) at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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