Locals Only Playlist 3/20/16: Nerf Herder, The Shelters, Sun Drug, & More – Listen and Vote

Author: Kat Corbett

5. Bleached “Wednesday Night Melody”

4. Private Island “Drugs”

3. Nerf Herder “The Girl Who Listened To Rush”

2. Wetwood Smokes “Organ Donor”

1. Mating Ritual “I Wear Glasses”


Bleached “Wednesday Night Melody”

Private Island “Drugs”

Nerf Herder “The Girl Who Listened To Rush”

Wetwood Smokes “Organ Donor”

Mating Ritual “I Wear Glasses”

Days Of Light Gravity “Violins & Violence”

TeamMate “Nothing’s Ever Over”

The Shelters “Birdwatching”

Until The Ribbon Breaks “A Taste Of Silver”

Blondfire “True Confessions”

The Moth & the Flame “Young & Unafraid”

Armors “Revolvers”

The Rebel Light “Strangers”

Sun Drug “Wildman”

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