Beer Mug Talks ‘The Brothers Grimsby’ Red Carpet With Kevin & Bean, Discovers “Nobby” Is A Trump Supporter

Author: Beer Mug

Sacha Baron Cohen has created a slew of unforgettable characters like Ali G, Borat, and Brüno. You can add to that list Norman “Nobby” Butcher from Cohen’s newest film, The Brothers Grimsby. Nobby is a soccer hooligan and older brother of an MI6 operative, Sebastian Butcher.

Speaking of hooligans, Beer Mug was sent to cover the red carpet premiere of Brothers Grimsby and “interview” the stars. What they got instead was Beer Mug fumbling intros, talking over guests like Ernie Hudson, cursing up a storm with Wheeler Walker Jr., and “dropping the mic” once Isla Fisher said she loved him. But to Mug’s credit, he also found out Nobby is die hard Donald Drumpf supporter. Go figure.

The Brothers Grimsby is in theaters Friday, March 11th.

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