Mary Lou Lord Goes on Facebook Rant about Courtney Love

By Amanda Wicks for

In the ’90s indie-rock scene, there were often rumors about Kurt Cobain‘s relationship with singer/songwriter Mary Lou Lord. Although both denied dating, they were close friends before Cobain began dating his future wife Courtney Love. After keeping her opinion about Love under wraps for years, Lord recently made her feelings known about the Hole frontwoman on Facebook.

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Lord posted the first of two lengthy Facebook messages on Jan. 31. There, she unleashed a tirade against Love, calling her a “no talent s— bag,” the ‘C’ word and other choice names. Lord concluded the post, saying, “You BELONG in a theater. You are an actress. You were never you. You are the BEST actress i have ever seen, as a matter of fact…..YOU SOLD A LIE. And you f—– up SO many lives. NEVER ever F— with me again you c—, cause I will crush you.”

On Feb. 3, Lord once again took to Facebook to post an even longer message thanking her fans for letting her get everything off her chest. As for the rumors that Love was involved in Cobain’s death, Lord wrote, “It’s not my place to say anything. I have no idea what happened.” She did admit the two were very sick at the time.

She did feel that Love didn’t deserve Cobain. “She did not deserve a person as kind and sensitive as [Kurt] was, or the love that he most likely desperately tried to give her, in the hopes of getting love back. …All he wanted was a family, and a place to belong,” she wrote towards the end of the post.

Love has yet to respond to Lord’s posts.

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